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Take Notice of The Unnoticables

“There are no angels, there are devils in many ways.” X “The World’s a Mess, It’s In My Kiss”

OK, so maybe X got it wrong. There ARE angels, but they are definitely not the sitting on your shoulder and steering you in a heavenly direction. They’re more the “hollow you out and turn you into a mockery of humanity” type of creature. 

Definitely not something you want to run into in the 70s or the current time.

The Unnoticeables takes place in two times and places — NYC at the height of the punk scene and LA now. We follow punk poster boy Carrey and stunt-woman Kaitlyn. Each has to deal with the Unnoticeables, parodies of humanity which are impossible to describe, even when you are looking right at them, as their friends are stolen by them to feed…

…well, let’s not get into spoiler territory.

Brokway does an amazing job of capturing both time frames. Each of our main characters fully encapsulates the time that they inhabit. Kaitlyn has all of the modern sensibilities of a woman living in modern California. Carrey reminds me of the punks that I hung out with growing up. The various antagonists that they encounter are truly terrifying.

To put this in perspective, I paused writing this review to get the second book in the series.

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