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Take a Trip Down the Mighty Miskatonik

Imagine all of the most well known Lovecraft stories happening at the same time, perhaps but not necessarily being brought to life by the writings of Randolph Carter and you have the beginnings of what it is like to listen to Arkham County, an Audible Original drama. The story weaves portions of the Mythos while changing some aspects and inventing new pieces. Some purists might find this difficult to deal with, but I found it extremely well done. It is fun to see the characters which we are familiar with given new life in a more recent setting. While I enjoyed the drama, I did find the ending a bit abrupt. Also, be careful if you are the type to listen to your audiobooks with headphones. Arkham County is very similar to a radio drama and does include sound effects. Sometimes these effects and the voices become loud and difficult to listen to. While this does set the mood properly, it might be a problem if one is listening too closely.


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