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Random Quotes

I have recently watched a couple of really bad movies for a s00p34 sekrit project. I actually take notes on the films while I am watching them, but not all notes make it into the actual reviews. Often this is because the notes are REALLY unprofessional.1 Still, the quotes are pretty funny2 and quite insulting. It would be a shame to deprive the world of them.

So I decided to include some of them here, completely without context. Enjoy.

“Tits by the 2 minute mark. It’s going to be that kind of movie.”

“Willie Nelson impersonator?”


“Sooooooooooo much toilet humor.”


“Exposition eyeball! Is this a Fulci movie?”

“Reno — when you can’t afford to shoot exteriors in Vegas.”

“Why didn’t he kill him before and save on gas?”

“Movie in movie cliche.”

“Looks like a blue tinged version of then animality from Mortal Kombat.”

“VO ending sappy as shit.”

1 And I’m nothing if not Professional which starts with P which rhymes with T and M-O-O-N and all of that.


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