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No Reluctance In This Recommendation In Which I Review Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste

I received an advanced reading copy of this title in return for a review. However, I had already preordered the book and will still be purchasing it.

Once again, Ms. Kiste provides us with an excellent example of why she is on my two Lists. For those not familiar with my Lists (yes, capital L), they are Authors Whose Books I Will Purchase Immediately Upon Hearing About Them and Ideas I Wish I Had Come Up With.

Lucy Westenra from Dracula and Bertha Mason have survived the horrible deeds done to them by the male characters of their book (Dracula and Rochester, respectively) to become immortal beings. Plagued by the past and hiding from forces set against them, the end up in California during the summer of love. Here they must take a stand against the men who haunt them if they have any chance of surviving.

Elements of gothic romance and horror in the time of free love — sounds like it shouldn’t work, right? In the hands of lesser authors this might be the case. However, we are talking about the author of The Rust Maidens, Pretty Marys All In A Row, and a number of other titles which got five out of five ratings. Kiste weaves elements of Dracula and Jane Eyre with the more recent late ’60s America, illustrating that despite the progress of years, the progress of gender relations leaves much to be desired. Reluctant Immortals casts a light on the treatment of women that is especially important now and does it all during the telling of a gripping, tightly woven story that will readers will have a difficult time putting down.

Highest Recommendations.

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