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Meet Malerman’s Daphne

This review is based upon an ARC received in exchange for a review on Netgalley.

We’ve come to expect interesting and intricate plots and well thought out characters from Mr. Malerman. Daphne is no exception, but we also get a revealing examination of dealing with anxiety that is, well, anxiety inducing.

Kit Lamb is a member of the high school basketball team. She should be riding on cloud nine given the finish of the last game of the season, but she is troubled. She is troubled by the usual problems of the potential loss of friends as they grow apart after school. She is troubled by panic attacks that are so bad that she once called 911 because she thought she was dying. And she is troubled by the specter of Daphne, someone from her town’s past. Daphne — the name which is not only not spoken, but which is actively forgotten by the townsfolk. Daphne — the more you think about her, the closer she gets to you.

Daphne, who may be hunting and killing the members of the basketball team, including all of her friend. Including Kit herself.

Malerman weaves a blend of the supernatural and the psychological in a story which readers will find extremely difficult to put down.

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