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In the Service of the Necrolord Prime

I was looking forward to the release of Harrow the Ninth from the moment I finished Gideon the Ninth. I enjoyed Gideon immensely, and was definitely interested in where the story was going to go from there. 

It did not go at all where I expected it to and that is a good thing.

It is difficult to review the novel without giving away some essential plot points, but in broad strokes: Harrow survived the events of the first novel and has moved on to become one of the saints in the service of the Necrolord Prime. She has to deal with the other Lyctors (most of whom have little faith in her abilities), a nagging mental problem, and relating to God himself.

I will not mince words, parts of the book are a bit of a slog. Muir uses some interesting story telling devices which may annoy some readers. The ultimate explanation of the reasoning behind this, and the payoff of the story itself is well worth it.

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