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If You Are Reading This: An Apology for How Things Look

If you are reading this, then my website is up in one form or another. I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for the fact that it was down for so long and that when. If you cast your memory back you may recall a few posts where I was looking for a replacement for the program which I use to create the site and some place to host it. Until this year I was using iWeb and me.com for these roles. Unfortunately, me.com was replaced by iCloud and hosting was no longer an option provided.

I knew that support for iWeb was going to cease soon as well so I decided that it was high time to branch out, maybe choose a program which would allow me to learn a little coding as well.

Of course this meant I had to make two decisions, learn two new things...

So I put it off forever.

Well, obviously not forever, otherwise you would not be reading this.

Long story short, I started recreating my website with Rapid Weaver (which I love) and hosting it on GoDaddy (which I haven't made my mind up about yet). It took quite a while to figure out what I was doing wrong, but the other day I finally reset a couple of things, made sure everything was pointing where it was supposed to, and bing bango, there was the site. Nice easy to read black lettering on a plain white background.

Which is not at all what it is supposed to look like.

So the good news is that the site is up. Hopefully I can get the two systems to play nice and get it to the point where it looks the way it is supposed to. Then I will start retro-fitting older material so all (or at least most of) the content is back.

Until then, enjoy the stuff I do have up. Thanks for sticking around.