A Month of Horror: Day 22

22 October

Movie: The Blair Witch Project
The Haunts of Mackinac

Love them or hate them, found footage movies have become a staple of the horror genre. When done poorly they are nausea inducing, shaky cam romps through boring character interactions. When done well, they can be truly frightening.
The Blair Witch Project is one of the grandparents of the found footage sub-genre. Even putting aside the brilliant marketing, the numerous spoofs, and the sequel that we won't even mention1, this film has some genuinely creepy visuals and a nice story. I remember leaving the theater feeling more than a little uneasy. It certainly didn't help that a wind storm had passed through while we were watching and deposited tons of sticks on my lawn.

If you are a Michigan native, or a frequent visitor, odds are you have visited Mackinac Island. You probably think of horse drawn carriages, bicycles, fudge, and perhaps the movie
Somewhere In Time. What you may not be familiar with are the numerous areas of the Island and the surrounding area which are rumored to be haunted. Collected in one volume2 are a slew of ghost stories perfect for a night by the fireplace or the campfire.

1. Oops

2. By the owner of the Haunts of Mackinac tour.