It Was A Beautiful Night For a Fright

As I write this, Halloween 2018 is just about over. In less than two hours it will be midnight.1
For those who are new here
3, this is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons. As you can guess, an author, publisher, and all around fan of horror loves Halloween. What you newbies might not know is that I also consider myself a home haunter.

Every year I decorate the house and the yard
4 with a metric craptonne of props, characters, and monsters. In previous years the yard has featured a werewolf pen, a tent of creepy clowns, cemeteries of various sizes...

This year we went with an alien/UFO theme. This has been something I have been thinking about doing for a couple of years. The tipping point for this year was that I was able to buy some pretty cool alien stuff at the post-Halloween sales last year. One of these is a containment unit with resident alien, lights, sounds, and the ability to hook up a fogger -- which I did.

I mention all of that so you have the background information needed to know that I scared the crap out of a lot of people, many of then adults, tonight.

And that is feakin’ awesome.

One of the important aspects of Halloween, in my mind at least, is that it gives you a chance to face your fears.
5 Another aspect, one that I particularly enjoy, is that it gives you the chance to be the thing that people are afraid of. Or, in this case, to be the person in control of that thing that they are afraid of.

I suppose that sounds a little sadistic. Yes, there are many aspects of my life which are focused on inducing fear in others. Does this make me a terrible person? I don’t think so. I prefer to think that I am
helping them. I provide an outlet for some of their pent up anxieties. You should see the relief in their faces when, after the scare, they realize that they are all right. There is laughter. There are smiles.

Yeah, I do it for the smiles...

...and the screams.

1 Depending upon when you consider a day to be finished, you may have until sunup or you may think that the day is already over.2

2 Since the focus of Halloween is often the night, it just doesn’t make sense to say it ended at dusk.


4 We have a double yard, btw.

5 For a more lengthy discussion on this topic, please see
this post.