But What Have You Been Doing Lately?

In case you have missed all of the excitement over at the DRP blog, Dragon's Roost Press is proud to announce our second release1: The Maiden's Courage by Mary Lynne Gibbs. It is a young adult novel filled with action, romance, and did we mention pirates? Read more about it here, or visit the DRP page to purchase your copy.2/3

I have also been jumping into the planning and e-mailing tasks associated with next year's
Penguicon. I may be taking on an additional role in next year's convention. More on that as new warrants.

Not one to concentrate solely on one project, I have also been submitting short stories hither and yon. I can't say any more about that, natch, for fear of jinxing their chances of acceptance.

I can, however, tell you that I have had two pieces accepted for the upcoming edition of the Sirens Call eZine. The first is a short story entitled "Schrodinger's Victim." The second is the poem "The Horrible Loneliness of Death." I will be sure to post the link when the issue is published.

Last, but certainly not least, I have also been reviewing films for
Rare-Horror fellow GLAHWer and multiple platform movie reviewer Peggy Christie suggested that I send something in. To date I have reviewed three films for them. The most recent went live today. It is the Dutch film4 Saint, one of the movies we watched at the annual Holiday Horror Film Festival. In case you missed the others, all of my reviews so far can be found here, or you can go directly to the reviews: Night of the Lepus and Dark Floors.

1 That's two in one year, in case you are keeping score. Not bad.

2 Or do both. Why not read, then purchase?

3 Or copies, in multiple formats if you should so desire.

4 That's right, Dutch,