Convention Attendence Policy

In the past I have discussed how proud I am to be a participant in a number conventions which are inclusive and have well stated and enforced Codes of Conduct. I would, at this point, like to apologize for not making a formal statement regarding my personal attendance, participation, and vending at conventions.

Something I should have done long ago, is make an actual statement regarding my attendance at conventions. I will thoroughly be researching future conventions to insure: There is a clearly stated and posted Code of Conduct that lists what behavior is unacceptable.

There should be specific directions on how to report unacceptable behavior, to whom the behavior should be reported, and what to expect after reporting.

All reports will be taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

This applies to conventions I attend as an attendee, as a panelist, and as a vendor representing Dragon’s Roost Press.

This is an abbreviated version of
John Scalzi’s policy.