A Month of Horror: Day 12

12 October

Movie: The Thing
John Dies At The End

Whew. Posting every day is hard.

I apologize for taking a week off there. Between prepping for author readings, work, and fighting a sinus infection, I was just exhausted. I know, that's no excuse to leave you without your recommendations.

I mentioned earlier that there would be very few remakes/reimaginings on this list. Welcome to exception-ville. John Carpenter's
The Thing is a masterfully made movie in which the horror is equal parts gore2, isolation, and paranoia. For those unfamiliar with the film, it takes place in an arctic station where a group of scientists are besieged by an alien creature which can take the form of any of them.

Originally appearing in serialized form on the interwebz,
John Dies At The End is a time twisting, almost psychedelic tale of drugs, monsters, and monster hunting. It is genuinely frightening while, at the same time, extremely humorous. If you are ready for a little levity with your literary scares, this is definitely the way to go.

1. Actually, it's three excuses.

2. From some amazing, if a little dated, practical effects.