A Month of Horror: Day 25

25 October

Movie: The Lost Boys

Moving to a new town can be difficult for any teen. It's even more difficult when the only people you meet your own age just happen to be vampires. Between the incredibly good looking vampires and the Frog brothers, it's easy to forget that there are some genuinely creepy moments in this film. While not the scariest movie on the list, this one definitely has the nostalgia factor on its side. It's a fun, entertaining bit of horror with an awesome soundtrack.

Think about the most terrifying things you can -- clowns, pedophiles, ghosts --
Greasepaint has all of these plus a day time talk show host. Decades after his death (and being revealed as serial child abuser), Orzo the clown's children's show is being released on DVD. This leads to a nationwide hunt, spurred by the afore mentioned talk show host, for Orzo's last victim. Michael, said victim, is desperately trying to get on with his life. As his band gears up for a career building gig he has to deal with legions of crazed Orzo fans, being hounded by the press...and then the murders begin.