So Much Prep Work

There are 17 days until Halloween.1

I have so much to do.

Despite being crippled by what could politely be called an emotionally induced lack of productivity
2 I was able to accomplish a few things today. I worked on the creation of a prop for The Mrs’ costume.3 I also tested the four fog juices which I acquired from 10-31store. I am actually kind of excited about the new fog juices. Two of them are long lasting, thick (L.A. Smog and Unburied Cemetery) which I feel will be perfect for the cemetery that I put up in my front yard. The other two (Fakey Haze and Dragon’s Breath) are thinner and disperse quickly. I think I will try to use Fakey Haze as the medium upon which I will project the laser vortex on to.

Unfortunately, I still have a lot to do. There are a lot of things coming up which I need to prepare for.

The first of which is
Wordcraft Wednesdays which is only two days away.4 I will be reading some of my writing, but I have not decided which piece(s) to read. I was thinking about using my old fall back “On the Stairs,” a nice tale of ghosts and revenge. However, this might be a good opportunity to try something new. I will have to sit down with a timer tomorrow and figure out which stories will fit in the time allotted.

This Saturday the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will be at the Flint Horror Con. Fortunately, I think that we are all ready for this and there is no prep work I need to do other than making sure my outfit is clean and that I show up. I may have to pick up change, I’m not sure.

Although there are over two weeks before Halloween, I have nowhere near that long to get my costume ready. I will be heading over to my in-laws’ Halloween party directly after the Flint Horror Convention. I may or may not be in costume for that. The following Saturday is the
Sixth Annual Monster Mash For Literacy Bash and I will definitely have to have my costume ready for that. I still need to work on that mask I mentioned earlier and find a dark trench coat to complete the look.

There are a couple of things which I want to attempt to do for decorations for the house. One of these will involve the purchase of a couple hula hoops. Hopefully the dollar store will have some available. Maybe I can hit them up when I go bargain shopping for the trench coat.

I am also closing in on the last two weeks of the
Indiegogo campaign for the anthology that I am putting together. We are only about one quarter of the way there so far, so I am hoping that this picks up at the end. I do have a surprise reveal coming up in a few days, so keep your eyes on the DRP website, or the campaign page, or the Facebook pages.
Naturally, I am still reading the submissions for the anthology, which have been amazing. I also have some work to do for

Oof. Suddenly I am very tired.

1 There are 17 days until Halloween as I write this. By the time I get around to posting this there will be even fewer.

2 Stupid brain chemistry.

3 I would tell you more, but then you would not be surprised when you see the pictures. All I will say is that it took a little coercion to get her to agree to this particular costume. It is a simple idea, but one which I feel is quite creative.

4 Or less depending upon when you read this.