A Busy Weekend

2020 was supposed to be a year full of convention appearances. Obviously, that didn’t happen. It has opened up a number of interesting opportunities. I’ve done a number of on-line conventions, spent some time in virtual classrooms, and connected with people all over the world.

This weekend will have a blend of the virtual and the meat space as far as appearances are concerned. I recorded a reading of “An Appropriate Muse”
1 for The Fall of April Ghouls Day Online. This is your opportunity to hear stories from a number of brilliant horror authors, but beware! The stories will only be available this Saturday and Sunday2.

I will also be appearing this Saturday (5 Sept), at the
Festival of Oddities in Charlotte, MI. It is one of the few times I’ll be rolling out the Dragon’s Roost Press banners. We’ve figured out a way to sell and maintain social distancing. If you feel safe enough to come out in public, we would be happy to see you.

1 One of the stories which usually makes the audience squirm.

2 5 - 6 Sept.