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All of you who are connected to me on the
Zuckerberg collective have already seen this, but for those two people who refuse to join Facebook (you know who you are -- yes you with the eyes and the tattoos) here is the news again.

From the Shameless Self-Promotion file: I just found out that
DOA: Extreme Horror (which contains my short story "Digital Media") has been nominated for Best Anthology in the current Predators and Editors poll. It is currently ranked #7 in the standings. Now I am not one to beg any more than I am one to boast, but if one wanted to vote for said anthology all one would have to do is click the link. All that is required is about a minute of your time and a valid email address.

For those unfamiliar with
P&E, it is a brilliant website for writers. It contains a wealth of information about publishing, agents, editors, and more. Included in this “more” category are the important Warning pages. This is where authors can go to find out the latest scams, skels, and unscrupulous business dealers.

Not that I’m pushing or anything, but if you could see your way clear to dropping a vote in the ballot box, I would sure appreciate it. To quote my good friends Bartles and Jaymes

“Thank you for your support.”