The One-Twelfth of the Year Is Done Update

January is just about over and I’ve been fairly productive, despite the relative lack of accumulated snow.
1/2  Still, it’s been too damn cold to do much of anything outside anyway, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

On the Work Front:  
I applied for and received a promotion at my outside-of-the-house retail job.  Starting the second week of February, I will be working full time instead of part time.  This will involve some getting used to.  I may have to rearrange my editing/writing schedule a bit to accommodate this.  Also, the dogs will have to get use to not being able to go outside any time that they want to.

On the Editing Front:  
I have already completed two projects.  The first was an assist with the initial chapters of a sci-fi novel.  The second involved editing a novelette.  My third assignment is all lined up.  I will begin working on the editing in the third novel in a YA romance series this weekend.

On the Writing Front:  
Yesterday I crossed off enough items to update The Whiteboard.
3  For those unfamiliar with The Whiteboard, it is where I place the information about places I want to submit to, writing goals, editing deadlines, and other similar things.  Because I like to over-organize things, each type of submission is in a different color (blue for fiction, green for blog posts and DRP related material, brown for reviews, orange for editing jobs).  I also have the word count and deadline (in black and red, respectively).

Anyway, while part of the idea is to organize my writing time so I can concentrate on the things which are due first or which might take longer, another reason for The Whiteboard is that I can’t put anything on it until I take something off.  Space on the board, like my time, is limited.  By using this organizational tool, I make sure I don’t spread myself to thin.

I’m discussing all of this to explain the fact that I finished enough tasks to make it necessary for me to reorganize the board.  In addition to the two writing jobs mentioned above, I wrote a film review and wrote, edited, and submitted two short stories.  I’m not going to mention where they were submitted, because I don’t want to jinx them.

On Goals: 
As I mentioned in this
post, one of my goals for 2015 is to submit more often.  One of the short stories was finished in time for the first arbitrarily chosen submission date (15 Jan).  The other will count towards Feb.  Hopefully I will have at least one other short story submitted by then.

Why? Because there are three deadlines in Feb that I’d like to meet.

The Expanding Online Presence:
Wait, did he say movie review?

Yes, in cased you missed the earlier
post, I have been writing the occasional film review for the Rare Horror website.  My most recent was of Nightbreed: The Directors Cut.

I have also done something that I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I made an official Author Page on Amazon.  I am pretty sure that I am now linked to all of the books that I have contributed to which are available on Amazon.  To check it out, click

I also have a brand spanking new author page up at
Goodreads.  It too has links to the anthologies in which my stories appear.4  The page can be found here.

Home On The Range:
Naturally, none of this means anything if the house and those who dwell within aren’t well kept, so I have been busy with the thousand little pieces of domestic upkeep with which every homeowner is familiar.  The most recent project has been finding cracks in the paint/plaster and patching them and then repainting.  

I’m really tired of the whole plastering thing.

  1. The rationale being that if I had been snowed in, I would have been forced to get a lot of work done.
  2. Yes, I know that by stating that there hasn’t been much snowfall in January I have jinxed myself to a very snowy February.
  3. All Hail The Whiteboard and the pressure it places upon me.
  4. I actually paused while writing this to start the Goodreads one.