Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Sane 1: A Discussion For Those Not Used to Hanging at Home.

COVID-19 is scary. I don’t want anyone to think that I am making light of a truly terrifying situation or that I am not taking it seriously. I am practicing my social distancing. I’m doing the hand wash thing.
1 The day job has actually taken some serious precautions to limit everyone’s exposure.2

All that being said...

...I’ve been practicing for this my whole life.

Without even getting in to the whole “Prepping for the zombie apocalypse because not only is it a good way to be prepared for a natural disaster IT COULD HAPPEN” thing,
3 I am enough of a worry wort that I am ready in case something should happen. Food, water, alternate fuel sources, they are on hand. If I have to bunker down in place for a while, we’ve got MREs and a camp stove.

Also, we shop at CostCo, so everything we have is in bulk.

I also spent a number of years freelancing from home, so I am aware of the pitfalls, tips, and tricks, it takes to get through a day at home. Although, again, to be fair, a day spent at home is a good day as far as I am concerned.

So, let me tell you some of the things I’ve come up with to help you get through an extended period of time cooped up in the house. Extroverts, it might seem like I’m taking the piss when it comes to you, and yeah, it’s because I am. Sorry up front if you are offended.

First things first, I want to put up one of my favorite quotes when it comes to tragedy:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Fred Rogers.

Look, I don’t care what you say, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Rogers. To that end, I would like to draw your attention to some of the great things that I have come across since the stay at home orders have started to roll out. In a time of “Holy Shit, another bad thing” news coverage, it might be helpful to know about things like:

Teachers setting up online conferencing with parents to help with at home learning. Normal teacher, by which I mean AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS IN CHARGE OF SHAPING THE PEOPLE OF TOMORROW WHO DON’T GET NEARLY ENOUGH RESPECT.

People organizing online meetups to help people shrug off the feelings of isolation. Normal people, using social media for good. This includes everyone from people setting up group chats with their friends to the Dropkick Murphys who live-streamed their St. Patrick’s Day concert.

Organizations who are creating box lunches for children who would normally be getting their meals at school. There are groups donating food, people donating time, it’s frackin’ awesome.

WannaCon, the 2020 Monroe Online Quarantine Con, and others -- with the ban on large gatherings, conventions have had to cancel or reschedule. This mean a huge hit for vendors and those who use them to promote their material. It also means that my fellow introverts miss out on one of the opportunities that they have to interact with others who share their interests in a place that they feel safe. These and other conventions have set-up online meet-ups and forums where speakers can make presentations and vendors can link to their online stores to help mitigate the losses and entertain those attending from home.

Restaurants, retail outlets, and other similar places who are financially supporting their employees even though they can not actually work from home like those with a typical office job. My bourbon supplier
Motor City Gas has gone a step farther. Since the ban on bars has gone into affect, they have had to close their taproom. In order to help out their bartenders, 10% of all bottle sales are going to their staff.

I feel like I should stop here and apologize to anyone familiar with the blog. This is a lot of positive information and y’all might not be used to it. After all, we’re talking about a blog which has a metatag named Rant, but not one for Sunshine-Roses-Rainbows-Lolipops,

All right, we are seriously heading into TL;DR territory so I am going to throw in an edit and split this up into two posts. Look for my tips for surviving the time at home

1 Fun fact, working in the health care field for years kind of drill the whole wash your hands for 20 seconds thing into your brain so hard that you can not
not do it properly. It also makes you really pissed off when you see people leave the bathroom without washing their hands. Fucking disgusting.

2 Which is why I am at home writing this at 11am on a Thursday.

3 No, I’m not really serious about that.

4 Well...

5 Ahem. I’d apologize for the outburst, but I’m not sorry at all. Seriously y’all, teachers are amazing.

6 How awesome was that?