The Forever House -- Come For A Visit

This review is from an ARC.1

One would think that a mother slaughtering her entire family and then killing herself would be the worst thing that could happen in a house. Unfortunately, what happens after the house is purchased and the new owners move in is far worse.

The Eldred appear to be a, well, not normal, but at least human family. Mother, Father, two kids, grandma...who would guess that they are actually shapeshifting, reality bending creatures who feed on the emotions of people. They pull their neighbors into the house and then subject them to horrible trials in order to make the emotions sweeter.

This is simply the very basics of the story. In the hands of another author, this would be all you have. However, Waggoner creates an entire neighborhood of believable characters who the reader quickly comes to care about. We learn about their personal lives, their interactions, their joys, their fears and insecurities. This makes what happens later that much more impactful.

The things which are encountered inside the house...inside...well, not really. The house has been changed by The Eldred. There is an entire world inside the house and Waggoner has populated it with some very unpleasant things. The Forever House is frightening, well written, and extremely enjoyable. Waggoner does an amazing job of making the fantastic believable.

Visit The Forever House. You won't be disappointed.


1 Full disclosure: I received a free Advanced Readers Copy of this book.