Pretty Marys All In A Row -- Come Meet the Marys

Gwendolyn Kiste is now officially on two of my author lists. She is on the list of authors whose material I will read without question. With the reading of Pretty Marys All in a Row, she is now on the list of authors who I am pissed off at because they came up with an idea that I wish I had.1

The Marys in question are the Marys of folk song and urban legend. Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary with her garden. Mary Mack, silver buttons and all. The Welsh Mari Lywd with her horse skull. Bloody Mary, trapped forever in her mirror. And our POV character -- Resurrection Mary, cursed to hitchhike the same stretch of highway forever.

These five spiritual sisters are trapped in a house together. Each night they go out into the world to round up the scares that they use as sustenance. However, it is getting harder for them to haunt people. Rhee -- Resurrection Mary -- becomes haunted by something else, a darkness which threatens to consume them all.

1 There are a lot of authors on this list.