One Per Month, Get It?

A little over a week ago I went into Michael’s1 and found out that their Halloween merchandise was up.

Now I love Halloween as much as the next guy (probably a lot more than the next guy, to be honest), but even I thought that this was a little early. I mean, for pity’s sake. It’s not even Labor Day yet. Still, I was pretty excited that after years of getting the shaft, my favorite holiday was going to get at least a month on the shelves.

Yet in the back of my mind there was that worried little voice that wouldn’t shut up.

That little voice that said “Nope, they are still only giving Halloween a few weeks, then they will take it down and put up Christmas stuff.”

That little voice that was at least half right.

Today I decided to swing by
that store because I had a 40% of coupon. There were a number of new releases in the Lemax Spooky Town2 collection which I had my eye on. I was in the area anyway, having been treated to a belated birthday lunch by Peggy.

I did not grab a cart, because I knew that if I did I would be tempted to buy more than just one item. I needed to pick up a couple of things for the s00p3r s3krit dessert type device I am going to attempt to make for the
Motor City Haunt Club’s garage sale and the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writer’s Halloween Party2. After picking up those items, I sauntered over to the display of Spooky Town stuff.

The display of Spooky Town stuff with the 30% Off labels.

The half empty display of Spooky Town stuff with the 30% Off labels.


In the past I have joked about this. For the most part,
that store’s rush to put out things for the Christmas holiday has benefited those of us who purchase Halloween stuff. It is nice to be able to purchase the new items (there are usually new items every year) and put them up in the same year without going broke. Similarly, being able to purchase the figurines in early October means that come 1 November I don’t have to stop at that store when making my post-Halloween discount spending dash.

Still, it has always rankled a bit that Halloween gets pushed aside before it even arrives to make room for Christmas material.

As I have stated in other discussions, I harbor no ill will for the post-Halloween holidays. I also understand that some people make crafts which they plan to give as gifts on those holidays and they need to get started early. It is necessary for them to purchase the items that they require ahead of time.

I’ve got no beef with them putting out holiday craft stuff early.

The problem is that
that store routinely takes down the Halloween stuff early- to mid- October in order to put up trees and wreaths and Christmas villages. None of this requires any prep work. Ergo, it does not need to be put out early. They could set aside an area for the Halloween stuff and leave it up until 31 October while having craft material for the December holidays in another area.

Then, when Halloween is over, they could put up the

Thanksgiving Stuff.

Remember when we were kids and every month had its own holiday? Conversely, every holiday had its own month? Remember when the year looked like this:

New Year’s Day (sorry, MLK day wasn’t observed until my senior year of high school)
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mother’s Day/Memorial Day
Father’s Day
My Birthday (OK, fine Independence Day)
Labor Day
Back to School

Notice how it doesn’t say:

Post-Christmas Sale
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Christmas in July
Labor Day
Early Christmas Sale
Pre-Christmas Sale
Christmas Sale

That’s all I am asking for. Every holiday gets its own month.

If I am right about what is going to be replacing the Halloween display, I won’t be shopping at that store anymore.

1 No, they do not get a link because they pissed me off. In fact, I am not even going to refer to the store by its name for the remainder of this post.

2 The Spooky Town is like one of those Dicken’s Villages that people put up except instead of it being some snow covered dream of an idyllic Norman Rockwellian town it is a ... well, a spooky town.

3 There are four different links in that paragraph. Make sure you click all of them so you can get the details on the upcoming events as well as the groups which are hosting them.