Cross Three From The List or My Visit to Three Creepy Places in PA

I have a list.

Unless you are new here, this doesn’t surprise you at all.
2 I make lists for everything. The list I’m speaking of this time is the one of creepy or interesting places that I want to visit. This list is quite extensive, and that’s not even counting the areas outside of the US.3 Some of the places I want to visit have a reputation of being haunted (like the Myrtle Plantation), are just bizarre (like the Winchester House), or have some other fascinating connection (Area 51).

This past weekend I was able to visit three of the sites on my list. I have posted a number of pictures on my
FB page and will post more after we get home and I can download them from the camera.

Centralia, PA

You may not be familiar with the name of this
ghost town or the underground fire which had been burning since 1962, but you might be familiar with things influenced by the town.4 While a good deal of the town has been condemned, demolished, and reclaimed by nature, there are still some sights to see. This included a few cemeteries (of which we took many, many pictures), sidewalks being absorbed back into the forest, and the graffiti strewn area of the highway which is a landmark. This particular section of the road had to be closed because the heat from the fire was so strong that the street buckled and broke.

The Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum is part history of medical research and part collection of curious oddities. The collection includes everything from how bones fragment when hit by Civil War era projectiles to a wall of skulls from all over the world, from conjoined fetuses to a jar of collected skin pickings. We spent the better part of the day there. It was absolutely fascinating.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Perhaps the first establishment designed to bring about personal change through forced, solitary penitence
5, Eastern State Penitentiary was an operating prison for almost a century and a half. It housed Al Capone at one point. The history of the site’s construction, expansion, and the changes over the years were fascinating. The audio tour hosted by Steve Buscemi was very well done. Oh, and it’s haunted.6

1 Actually, I have many, many lists.

2 If you are new here, welcome!

3 That’s a whole different list.

4 Including the Dean Koontz short story “Strange Highways” and the Silent Hill video games and subsequent movie.

5 Hence the name.

6 This one was only a partial win for me. ESP also hosts a haunted house called Terror Behind the Walls that I desperately want to go to. Unfortunately, it doesn’t start until much closer to Halloween.