Slinking Back On-line

Ah, so this is where I left the internet.

If you are a regular visitor to the 'Roost you are used to the periodic bouts of radio silence which arise, often for no good reason. Then you'll get a post (like this one) in which I apologize profusely and either attempt to catch up everything that happened since the last post or promises that I will fill in the gaps with postdated posts which make it look like I have been up to date.

Sad, I know.

The really bad part is that I couldn't have picked a worse time to take an internet hiatus. No, not because the last four months (I KNOW!) have been filled with all kinds of exciting stuff (they have) but because I stopped posting right after the end of Spring Con Season.

In other words, all of those people who grabbed a business card have been thrilled by a complete lack of new content.

To you new visitors, my heartfelt apologies. If you are actually reading this I thank you for coming back one more time.

For you steadfast stalwarts who have checked periodically, sipping your morning coffee and exclaiming "Seriously? When is he going to get off his ass and post something?" a special apology. Of course if you are that loyal you have probably been kept up to date by following me on Facebook* or Twitter.**

So, what has been going on since my last post? When was that anyway?

Oh sweet merciless Cthulhu, APRIL?!?

Cheeses. Where to start?


Since the last post was about our sweet little puppies, maybe I should start here. Last time we checked in Tesla and Titus had been with us for about a month and were part way through Puppy Class at
Trainer's Academy. Since then they have both grown quite a bit. Little Tesla is now 32 pounds. Her brother Titus is now 61.

Yes, he is almost exactly twice as big as she is. Yes, they are from the same litter. I'll explain all of that eventually, I promise.

They both graduated from Puppy Class and from the Beginners Class which followed. They are both wonderful, healthy , and happy. There are about a billion funny stories, but I can't decide on which ones to include right now so you get nothing.

You lose.

Good day, sir.


As mentioned earlier, falling off the face of the internet right after passing out handfuls of business cards was probably not the best planning on my part. There is a partially written post discussing
Penguicon*4 which may eventually see the light of day so I'll save those details.*5
Penguicon went great. Motor City Comic Con was amazing and fun as always.*6 If you've been looking at the pics on Facebook then you will have already seen the group as characters from the animated series Archer. You will probably have seen the pictures from "Alice Day" as well. If not, you should go peek. I'll get them up here soon, but they really are worth a gander.

Men really do look at boobs first. That makes the fact I was dressed as a busty Alice from The Brady Bunch even funnier. Never seen so many double takes.

Members of the
GLAHW also participated in a charity walk at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, the first ever Art on the River Festival/Convention in Port Huron, and had a part in creating the World's Longest Lemonade Stand.

It's been a busy summer.

And the Rest*8

Let's see, there was a really cool birthday weekend which included seeing
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn on the big screen at The Redford Theatre (it was like a gift from the gods of geekdom. I had totally forgotten that the movie begins with Kirk's birthday) and martinis with some of my favorite people at one of my new favorite places to imbibe, Amici's.

The downside to that birthday weekend was that I got to spend most of it without electricity due to the extreme heat. Yep, it got so hot that the electricity that makes the air-conditioning work took a vacation. It was not pleasant.

I tripled the number of tattoos (or quadrupled depending on you you count them). There will be a special post about that for sure. For now I will just say that
Laura Kondon is an amazing artist and well worth the drive to Almighty Tattoo in Flint.

I've been to the
Renaissance Festival twice. Both times we met another couple (part of the afore mentioned "favorite people."). R and I went in costume one week, in boring lame street clothes the next. I'm quite glad we were not in costume the second time we went because the temp was in the nineties. I felt sick from the heat as it was. I probably would have passed out if I had been in leather and suede.

I would like to say that I have not been posting here because I have spent so much time writing and then announce a bunch of new publications, but sadly this is not the case. My last published piece was "Digital Media" which can be found in the anthology
DOA: Extreme Horror Anthology (which can be purchased here, here and here). I have been writing, but most of it has been little side projects. That should all change soon.

I'm sure that there is plenty of other stuff that I should mention, but I'm surprised any of you read this far. Besides, I know you are all dying to get to the footnotes (if you haven't already read them).

*/** By "up to date" I mean "annoyed by the auto-posting of my
Foursquare account." Hey, at least you could figure out where I was, if not exactly what I was doing there. ***

***What? You thought I was going to post my FB and Twitter addys for you? Fine. Here you go, stalker:
Facebook and Twitter
Not that I've been that good about posting there either.

*4See, I was thinking of you. I was thinking of you the whole time. I swear.

*5While I try to remember them.


*7Either you get it or you don't. I'm not going to explain it for those who weren't there.

*8 or
the professor and Mary Ann if you prefer.