The Monster Mash for Literacy Bash IV

We just keep getting bigger and better.

This year's Monster Mash for Literacy Bash was the best one yet.

For those who are scratching their heads and wondering what I'm on about , every year the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers hosts a Halloween party/fundraiser. Our first was somewhat sparsely attended, mostly group members and their families, and was held in the community center of one of the member's condos. After that we moved through a succession of bars. Each year our attendance has increased. Each year we've raised more money for charity.

Yes, you read that right. The reason the word "Literacy" is in the name is because while we all enjoy a good time, the real reason we get together is to raise money for the
Dominican and Siena Literacy Organizations. We do this via ticket sales, a 50/50 raffle, and a Chinese auction filled with amazing prizes. This year's auction included autographed books from Dean Koontz, Bentley Little, and Cherie Priest, artwork donated by Amber Guffey, products from Lush and Vintners, gift certificates from Essential Massage, TCBY, and our generous hosts Dick O' Dow's.

What would a Halloween party be without a costume contest, right? As per our tradition, attendees voted in five categories: Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Most Original, and Best Overall.
Peggy Christie (dressed as a nurse from the Silent Hill video games) took scariest, Steven Jensen (Zombie Jesus) won funniest (and would have taken most sacrilegious id we had such a category. MontiLee Stormer (Red from a Red Riding Hood game that never made it to production) won sexiest (again), and Jamie Hill, who came as his own Facebook page* won both Original and Overall.

The venue was outstanding. Dick O'Dow's staff was wonderful, they put up with a bunch of crazy people in crazy costumes, had no problem with letting our DJ take over their stage and sound system. Over all it was a great place. I hope that we have found a forever home for our party.

Of course what really makes any evening out is the people who you spend it with. A number of people from work attended. I was happy and more than a little amazed. I am very appreciative.

It was a great evening that I got to spend with some of my favorite people.

The fact that the Mrs and I won a bunch of stuff in the auction didn't hurt either.

*Rightly so. The costume, which you can see when I finally get my pictures posted here, consisted of a dry erase board which allowed other people to actually post to his "Wall." He also had a friends list running down one side which had the actual avatars of various people at the party.

The End is Near

Less than a month.

Yes, that’s right, the Mayans were close but they were off by just a little.

The world as you know it will come to an end on the 29th of October. At 8:00 pm the
Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will be sponsoring the Fourth Annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash. With the help of our generous hosts Dick O’ Dow’s Irish Pub and our equally generous benefactors the GLAHW will be honoring the spirit of Halloween with specialty drinks, dancing, an auction filled with great items, and of course a costume contest.

A portion of the evening’s procede will benefit the
Dominican and Siena Literacy Organizations. That’s right, your fun is actually helping people!

Tickets are only $10.00, a paltry sum to celebrate Halloween with a group of horor writers. Tickets are available a the door or may be ordered
here. Pre-orders will also receive 10 raffle tickets.

The world may continue after 29 October, but it will be forever changed.

If you want to help spread the word, click on the image above. Invite your friends, help increase the body count.

Why I Love October

Wow, back online for less than a week and I am already changing things up.

If you’ve been here for a while you have been expecting it. If not, allow me to explain.

October is the coolest month. Period.

We’re one month away from Halloween. You have to love a holiday which gives you the chance to be someone else, if only for one night.*

In the build up to Halloween we have a whole month of horror to look forward to. I’m already setting up the TiVo to record the movies showing up on TV.

Then of course there are the Haunted Attractions. We’ve already purchase tickets and made a date to visit the
Scarefest Scream Park. I’m also scoping out weekends to visit Erebus, the world’s largest walk through haunted house.

As if that were not enough, October is also the month where we focus on protecting some of our most valuable possessions -- boobies.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

If you skip back to last 1 Oct. you can read a well thought out entry on why it is so important to do monthly self-examinations and get regular mammograms.

I encourage you to look for for organizations which are donating a portion of their procedes to research into this horrible disease. Most of my friends are women and the thought of cancer terrifies me.**

Until then, why not head over to the
Boobiethon page. Bloggers and other concerned individuals are doing their best to raise posting pictures of their breasts.

Yes, mine are up there this year too.

Once again you have a chance to do something great, build up a little good karma, and this time you get to see boobies.***

*Or multiple nights depending on how many parties you plan on attending.

**Yes, the dreaded C has once again touched the lives of those I care about. All prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes are appreciated.

***We established earlier this year that many of the best things in life start with “Boo.” Big scares, books, boots, and of course, boobies.