Con Season!

Clothing, including new ties and crazy blood spatter shoes.
Echinacea, hand sanitizer, Gartorade, Red Bull.
Books, bookmarks, promotional material.
Gearing up for Con Season.

The next few weeks will be busy ones for myself personally and for the
GLAHW. Representatives of the group already made an appearance this year at the Grand Rapids Toy and Collectable Show. The big appearances are still on the horizon, but they are coming up fast.


27 - 29 April
As usual I will be making a trek to the premier Computer/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming/All-Things-Geek convention. It doesn't look like I will be presenting this year. I will be making the rounds, hopefully with the latest in self-promotional ideas.

If you are interested in where I will be, a tentative schedule can be found
(The full schedule is located
here: )


Motor City Nightmares:
27 - 29 April
If you noticed that I have nothing scheduled for the Sunday of
Penguicon, then you are probably observant enough to have noticed the total overlap between Penguicon and Motor City Nightmares. In the past con weekends worked out perfectly: MCN, work, Penguicon, work, MCCC, work. Hopefully this "having two cons the same weekend" crap isn't a new trend. I really wanted to be at both shows, but my attempts at inventing a device which allow me to be in two places at once were a qualified failure.*

The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers will have a booth at MCN. How could we pass up Metro Detroit's big horror themed show? I plan on being there for a little while on Friday and all day Sunday. There is also a distinct chance that I will pop over at night to check out some of the movies. Regardless, the booth will be manned (womanned?) by GLAHWers much more attractive than myself.


Motor City Comic Con
18 - 20 May
This is the big one, folks. As usual, the
GLAHW will have two tables to better serve you, our rabid fan base. This year's list of celebs is crazy, you have to check out the website. We will have our usual themed dress days (no, I personally will not be in a dress this time around). Friday will be come as you are, Saturday Anime character day, and Sunday we will be dressing as characters from Firefly. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance for Anime day (otherwise I would not have time to be posting this as I would be frantically trying to fashion a bio-mechanical arm for my Jet** costume) due to familial obligations.***

Can't make it to a Convention but still dying to see your favorite group of horror writers? Don't worry, there are other appearances in the works including a writer's workshop in Aug and a reading in October. Of course there is the Monster Mash for Literacy Bash as well. More details on these as we get closer to the dates.

If you are just looking to spend some quality time with yours truly, it is a pretty safe bet that I will be at the remaining Detroit Roller Derby bouts unless I am working. I already have my tickets for the finals. I also already have my tickets for Baconfest in June.

*The device did not result in bilocation, but it did produce a new fat-free yogurt.

**Cowboy Bebop. Really? You didn't know that instantly?

*** 2012: The year I was kept from Cons.