One Down

Con season has officially started. The GLAHW spent the weekend of 15 - 17 March at Motor City Nightmares. We had a great time talking to people, networking, selling books and magazines, and discovering the joy that is the cake pop.*

I am in the middle of a busy set of weekends. I have a convention every other weekend and I work the weekends I am not at con. Next up is
Penguicon where I will be speaking on five panels over two days. The full schedule is available here. For my schedule, check out this post at The Nth Word.

The final convention is the big one for the
GLAHW: The Motor City ComiCon. We will have two tables of merchandise for sale, both group publications and our own material. We are also planning special themed costume days. Come out to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi 13 - 15 May.

All right, all right. I know what you have really been waiting for. Go ahead and hit next or just click here.

*Of course we bought a few souvenirs of our own. R should be happy because I managed to not buy any books or tee shirts. I did come home with a plush Alien Facehugger, a couple of buttons and zipper pulls, and two tiny dolls Sam from
Trick r’ Treat and Hellboy.