Yes, it is true, my little babies are all grown up.

OK, that's not true at all. They both have a lot of growing to do (especially Titus if one goes by the size of his paws). What they have both done is graduate from Puppy Class.

This may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but for us it is a happy little milestone. The kids are now coming when called (sometimes), sitting on command, walking politely on leash (most of the time), performing a couple of tricks we taught them (High Five, Titus rolls over, and Tesla wipes her paws), and other things. They have gotten used to being around other people outside of those they see every day, other dogs (which is very important), and a host of environmental things which normally frighten puppies and big dogs alike (like that mean, nasty vacuum cleaner). They have also learned to take food without snapping, the limits of how much pressure to apply when playing; Hell, they're just great.

Even better, they are now able to start Intermediate class where the dollar values are doubled and the questions get harder. I mean where we will work on sit, stay, heel, recall, etc.

As you can see from the pictures, Tesla made us very proud by winning the Fastest Recall in her class (which involved walking politely across the room with me, then waiting while I ran back across the room, and coming back to me when called).

The experience was very positive and both dogs and handlers loved the classes. If you are in the area and looking for dog training, check out
Trainers Academy. They also have Day Care!