A Month of Horror: Day 30

30 October

Movie: The Descent
Confessions of the Impaler

I will admit, I put off seeing this film until it came on IFC. I wasn't all that thrilled with the story of a group of women stuck in a cave. Boy was I ever wrong. This is one claustrophobia inducing nightmare of a film complete with bizarre mutant cannibal creatures, an environment where any wrong step could lead to your downfall, and a group of women who should be able to rely on each other but who can not. The creep factor is way high on this film; I dare you to watch it with the lights off.

The size of this book make it look like something that you could sit down and read in one day. While this may be the case, this is NOT a book to be read quickly. This is a book to be savored, to be experienced. Like the slow tortures detailed within its pages, Confessions of the Impaler is an exquisite blend of pain and pleasure, horrible details and brilliant writing which verges on the poetic.