A Month of Horror: Day 13

13 October

Movie: Night of the Living Dead
World War Z

1 is familiar with the Living Dead series. It is a fact of life that zombies are absolutely everywhere these days. What many forget is that before Romero, the word zombie had a very different connotation. Yes, he doesn't refer to the creatures in Night of the Living Dead as zombies, but after this film the work would begin to lose its connection to people raised as slaves via dark magic and be forever linked with the shambling, flesh eating menace that we are prepared for.2
Another example of how the pressure cooker scenario of a group trapped by a horrible menace can bring out the absolute worst in people.

I'm not going to talk about the film which shares a name with this book, as I have not seen it. From what I hear, the name is just about the only thing that the two have in common. Max Brooks'
World War Z is a collection of in the field reports of the zombie uprising and how humanity dealt with it. It is less an FX movie and more of a History Chanel documentary. It is still on of the best zombie yarns that I have ever read.

1. At least everyone likely to be reading this blog.

2. At least those of us with the common sense to prepare for the inevitable.