A Month of Horror: Day 7

7 October

Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Keep

It should go without saying that I am talking about the original Freddy here.
1 I know that some of you might look at this and say "You did a funny horror movie last time. When are you going to get to the real scares?" My answer is: Right now.2 What you have to remember is that our favorite razor glove wearing fiend did not start out as a one-liner spewing comedian. The original film is not played for laughs, but for screams. There is a ton of disturbing imagery, and plenty of scares to go around. If you can temporarily forget the Freddy of the later films, you should be able to settle in and enjoy a nice, scary movie from one of the masters.

Speaking of forgetting things, if you have ever seen the horrible cinematic adaption of
The Keep, I apologize. I know everyone says it, but seriously, the book is waaaaaaaay better than the film. The novel, written by Repairman Jack creator and all around nice guy F. Paul Wilson, takes place during WWII. It follows a group of Nazis who are held up in the titular keep. Things get curious when the soldiers start investigating the numerous crosses affixed to the walls. They go completely side was when the crosses are removed...

Here's a little bonus for those in the SE Michigan area. I just learned the this weekend's
Late Night's at The State showing will be A Nightmare on Elm Street. Tickets are only $8 for the midnight showing at the gorgeous State Theater in Ann Arbor.

1. For my comparison of the original and remake, head
here and here.

2. Well, that's one of my answers. The others might not be so nice.