Introducing the New Editions

There is something horribly depressing about coming home to a house and not being greeted by a dog. After Dervish died there was no way that I could run right out and get another dog. However, the silence wears on one. There was a dog shaped void that needed to be filled.

It was quite a while before I could even entertain this idea. I started looking at
Petfinder, just looking. There are a lot of animals looking for homes.* There were quite a few which looked, ah, promising. I started keeping track of the ones which I would be willing to adopt if I was ready to adopt. Which I wasn’t. Just looking, remember?

It made me very happy when Echo, the GSD mix, found her forever home** Some people recommended I look on Craig’s List, but I was looking for a rescue dog.

Actually, I was looking for two rescue dogs. R has always wanted a small dog (specifically a Pug). She decided that this time she was going to get her little dog. If I wanted a bigger dog, I had better be prepared to bring them home at the same time.

So I looked and tracked and smiled. Then I saw Bastian. He was originally listed as a St. Bernard/Border Collie mix (later revised to Springer Spaniel/Border Collie). He was being fostered in the area. I contacted the rescue organization,
Last Day Dog Rescue. They are a great organization that rescues dogs from various high kill shelters who are about to be euthanized and then fosters them until the can be adopted. Arrangements were made to meet Bastian and a Puggle that was being fostered by the a different person associated with the organization.

To make a long story short (TOO LATE!), neither one of us got the dogs we were looking at originally. Those playful pups were brought to a “Meet and Greet” being held at the house of someone fostering a litter of puppies. We fell in love with two of them, completed the application process, and a week later were able to take the picture you see up there.

After almost 2 days of deliberation the names of our new family members are Tesla and Titus. At their foster home they always curled up and slept together. Here’s hoping they remain that close.

So, we are now embarking*** on puppy training X2. Twice the housebreaking, twice the chewing, twice the poop to pick up.

Twice the smiles, fuzzy kisses, and puppy love? You betcha.

Totally worth it.

*If you have room in your house and your heart, why not adopted one? Or more than one?

** Or ”Furever home” Sorry, just can’t do it.

***Pun intended