A Month of Horror: Day 23

23 October

Movie: Cabin In The Woods/Scream
There Is No Lovely End

While the two films in today's recommendation are quite different, both have an element of meta-knowledge about horror movies that made me want to include them in the same post.
1 Scream, by the late horror master Wes Craven, is one of those rare movies where the characters have actually seen horror movies. Not only have they seen them, some of them know the rules of surviving one. Cabin places the stereotypical horror movie characters in what appears to be a stereotypical horror setting, then everything gets turned on its head. Both are fun as horror movies and as tongue in cheek explorations of the genre.2

I don't know if I would actually categorize Patty Templeton's debut novel as horror, but it does have ghosts, a character who can speak to them, and is such a great book that I take every opportunity I can to mention it. This is as amazingly fun read with characters like the heir to the Winchester fortune, traveling showmen, grifters, and some unsavory types who you will cherish for long after you put the book down.

1. That and the fact that Halloween is just around the corner and I want to include a lot of stuff still.

2. Plus,
Cabin in the Woods has a great "name that monster" scene which any true horror fan will love.