A Month of Horror: Day 20

20 October

Movie: An American Werewolf in London/The Howling/Wolfen
Erie Tales: Omnibus

I'm totally cheating again here, but 1981 was an amazing year for werewolf movies and I saw an opportunity to cram three great films into one. Each film has its strengths and weaknesses. Each has amazing transformation scenes. My favorite of the three is An American Werewolf in London, telling the tale of the two Americans who ignore the warning to stay on the path and avoid the moors to disastrous results. Not only are there great transformation scenes thanks to Rick Baker, but also ghosts, and Nazi zombies. The Howling features horror staple Dee Wallace as a reporter who stumbles into a pack of werewolves while trying to relax after an encounter with a serial killer. Wolfen is the oft overlooked third movie of the year. It is really more of a cop action drama, but still has some amazing effects, including the slightly off monster's POV used in later films like Predator.

The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers has been publishing their Erie Tales series for almost a decade. Each anthology has a central theme around which the stories are based. The
Erie Tales: Omnibus contains material from the first four anthologies covering Michigan based horror, zombies, ghosts, the apocalypse, and Resurection Mary. This is a great jump into the the GLAHW's material containing a lot of great stories.