Half Way to Halloween and I’m Way Behind

Don’t worry, this won’t be yet another whining rant about how much I have to do.1 This one has to do with the fact that as far as horror consumption goes, October isn’t looking that much different from any other month.

Like many people
2, I think of October as the month where I dedicate myself to openly devouring as much horror as I possibly can. Books, movies, television programs, pod casts, anything and everything. Now is the time for the spooky stuff, right?

Unfortunately I have just not been holding up my end as far as the whole horror thing goes.

Part of this is that I have been keeping very busy. It is a weird side effect of working from home., I think. I tend to keep myself busy pretty much all day. From the moment I get up until when I start working on dinner
3 I tend to be doing something. Most of the time this something is not conducive to sitting in front of the television, so my movie consumption is way down.

Contrast this to years in the past when I was working four days a week (13 hour shifts). Back then my days off were my days off. I would spend one of them doing as much housework, shopping, what have you, as possible and the other two doing nothing much at all. Those were the days I would spend devouring movies and books by the bucket load.

Instead of vegging out for hours at a time, I have been neglecting my duties as a horror aficiando.

Granted, I have been able to sneak in some horrific stuff lately. I began reading Stephen King’s new novel
Doctor Sleep a little while ago. I am enjoying it, but I have been so tired lately that when I start reading I doze off. This is not a reflection on the book, mind you, just on my poor sleeping habits.

I have, however, been listening to a good book. While I may not be able to sit down in a comfy chair to read or sprawl in front of the television, I can listen to audiobooks while cleaning and such. I have been listening to
The Supernaturals by David L. Goleman. It is an interesting haunted house story. The plot centers on a couple of different characters some who believe in the supernatural, some who do not. Some of them want nothing more than to wreck the careers of the others. In the middle of it all is an eight hour live television broadcast of a paranormal investigation of a house which is very haunted and very malevolent. What separates this story from other haunted house stories I have read6 is the degree of backstabbing and cliquish actions by some of the characters. The reader is left not really knowing who to trust for a while. There is also a large degree of “boy I hope so and so gets it in the end.”

I’m pretty close to finishing that one, so I will have to see what comes next.

As far as movies go, I have seen a couple, notably
The Diary of a Madman and The Raven at the
Vincent Price double feature at the
Redford Theatre. Unfortunately, both of them are rather silly movies and not very scary. I did see a number of scary short films at the Three Corpse Circus Film Festival, but that was back in September, so I’m not sure that it counts.

The only horror movie which I have seen recently was
Seventh Moon. This was a film which I had recorded from IFC quite a while ago. I’m not sure how long it has been sitting on our DVR, but I know that it was a long time. It may have been recorded last Halloween season. It is an OK movie about a couple who goes to China on their honeymoon only to get caught up in a bizarre evening where animals and people are sacrificed to demon/ghost/spirit things. There are some good creepy scenes, many of which arise from how isolated the characters are not only geographically, but by culture and language as well. It’s not a great film, but it was certainly good enough to have on while I folded the laundry.

Other than that, there has not been a whole lot of horror in my life. I attended some (11) haunted attractions, decorated the interior of the house, and worked on costumes for the Mrs and myself. I think that I have all of the running around done (expect for one item I need to pick up tomorrow) so all that is left now is a little fabrication.

I was able to spend a little time reading some horror, my own, out loud today. I attended
Wordcraft Wednesdays hosted by fellow GLAHWer Nicole Castle at Macomb County Community College. Peggy Christie and I were the “Featured Readers” for the Halloween horror themed reading. I performed two pieces that I’ve not read in public before, “Shrodinger’s Victim” and “An Appropriate Muse.” I did ok, but I know I flubbed a couple places. It was nice to get to read something new in front of an appreciative audience. Afterwards there was quite a bit of talk about books and movies and drive-in theaters.

I do have some movies picked out to watch in the near future, so hopefully I will be able to up my horror quotient over the next few weeks.

1 Which only causes one to wonder how much I could do if I stopped whining on the blog and actually set out to do the things which I am whining about.

2 And a lot of television stations.

3 Often an interesting chore in its own right.

4 Speaking of bucket load, I still have to get the Halloween candy. Yikes!

5 Sure, you can call it being productive. What a waste!

6 Or listened to.