Farewell to the Archives

It is kind of weird to have written the last Tombkeeper Archives. What started as an occasional article for a previous writing group’s newsletter became a monthly excursion on to the dark underbelly of the internet. Well, not really. Most of the time I was writing about websites dedicated to horror or writing. Sure, sometimes the sites were a little spooky, but nothing like real pictures of people having their tongues ripped out or anything.

The reason I started writing the column was that I spent
1 a lot of time on-line. A lot of that time was spent looking at websites about writing or that were related to horror in one way or another. It wasn’t a lot of work for me to just bookmark any site that caught my eye and then work some kind of semi-cohesive, semi-coherent text around them and call it a day.

The weird thing is, that I really grew to like the little articles. I looked forward to writing them, even if I didn’t have anything to say. Sometimes I even had to do a little research before I could write them. Still, it was fun to step into the head of the character I had created
2 and spend a little time writing about the things I found on-line.

I would often try to work a theme into the links; all writing or all Halloween shopping or something like that. Other times it would be a mish-mash of material culled from all over the series of tubes invented by Al Gore.
3 I did my best to inject a little humor into the descriptions of the sites so it wasn’t just a boring list. Over the course of years I think I only missed one (a “Classic” Archives was run in the space.).

I am not sure, but I am almost certain that the phrase “Speaking of” was used as a segue in every Archives. Most of the time I was not speaking of and the connection was incredibly loose.

Time turns, technology changes, and there is really no need for the newsletter anymore. Most of the pertinent information will reach a larger audience on Facebook. I don’t know the actual readership of the newsletter, but I suspect it was only a small subset of the target population. On one hand it will be a relief to not have to worry about putting together an article every month. On the other hand, I will miss being able to step into the Tombkeeper’s robes.

On the gripping hand, I can still post on the group’s Facebook page whenever I find an interesting site.

Guess I will need to make a Facebook account for the Tombkeeper.

1 Haha, past tense.

2 The Tombkeeper. I was given the name by the person putting together the newsletter, but the character creation (a vaguely Crypt Keeper type person who wore a dark robe, lived in a vault underneath a cemetery, collected weblinks on shelves, and only referred to himself in the third person) was all me.

3 A phrase which popped up often, as did “interwebz.”