Hooray My Ass 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yes, two posts.

I can hear you now:
“Wait, we are used to one a month. We can’t handle two in one day.”

Don’t worry. Breath deep and slow and it will be fine.

“Another post on the same thing? Boo.”

Don’t rush to judge. This one is more positive. Oh, and much shorter.

“Wait, wasn’t the last post extolling the virtue of new material and how much you hate sequels? Doesn’t this make you a hypocrite?”


Shut up.*

Anyhoo, if none of that made sense, go here and read the previous post (or hit that little arrow marked
previous). That will give you the basis for this.

This is the place where I want to hear the good stuff you’ve read. Not just any good stuff, that’s what
Goodreads is for. No, I want you to list the recent books you have read that would make a good movie.

Or at least that you would like to see made into a movie. As before, there are no right and wrong answers but feel free to defend your responses.**

List them in the comments section here or in the corresponding
Facebook post.

*Seriously, shut up. Don’t be a dick. That’s my job.

**This is another 30% of your grade. The final will be 30% and the final 10% is attendance and participation in classroom discussion.