Plastic Facts

I’ve written1 in the past about the plastic nature of reality and how ones beliefs shape how one experiences the world. It’s a favorite subject of mine and one which pops up in my fiction frequently.

Now that we have a little distance between ourselves and the giant clusterfuck that was the most recent election cycle, I feel that I need to address this issue again.

In the past my rumination has been limited to things like “If someone thinks he is a werewolf and every full moon goes around killing people until others are forced to stop him...” In other words, fun little thought exercises. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge uptick in the number of people who are able to bend reality to their will and make others see the world though their personal lenses.
2 While this is kind of exciting as a mental exercise, it has been downright frightening in recent “reality.”3

Both major presidential candidates, a slew of other political types, “news”
4 reporters, celebrities, and regular folk spewing their ideas on social media have all chosen to bend the nature of reality to their will. It is an epidemic of plastic facts, opinions which are viewed as evidence despite science, logic, and plain common sense. I’m sure that I don’t need to go into examples for any of these. You know what I am talking about.5

Instead of dwelling on this,
6 allow me to point something out.

It works both ways.

Yes, the negative seems stronger at times. Yes, it is easy to give in to the blowhards and those who are certain that they are right. However, we don’t have to.

As much as I hate the “fake it until you make it” mentality, there is some credence to the philosophy that we create our own worlds. Rather than live in a world of fear and oppression, I am making a concerted effort to continue to see the world as a beautiful place. I am very fortunate that I am loved, that I am employed, that every day I get to come home to my own personal pack.

Instead of reacting with xenophobia, I will look for the good in others.

Instead of citing the negative, I will point out the positive.

Instead of giving in to a new way of thinking or a curve in the cultural zeitgeist, I will hold on to my beliefs. I will give my all to continue to push for progress and equality.

Remember, the fear-mongers and the windbags are not the only ones who can shape the world. If we stick to our guns and stick together, we can do the same.

Choose the world you want to live in, then give your all to make that reality your world.

  1. A LOT.
  2. And not in the cool comic book magic user way.
  3. Sorry, given the nature of this discussion, it seemed appropriate to put that in quotes.
  4. Again, the quotes are appropriate.
  5. Yes, I just did a little reality bending of my own there.
  6. Because I’ve been fighting my own tendencies towards depression quite hard lately.