Why I Love October

Wow, back online for less than a week and I am already changing things up.

If you’ve been here for a while you have been expecting it. If not, allow me to explain.

October is the coolest month. Period.

We’re one month away from Halloween. You have to love a holiday which gives you the chance to be someone else, if only for one night.*

In the build up to Halloween we have a whole month of horror to look forward to. I’m already setting up the TiVo to record the movies showing up on TV.

Then of course there are the Haunted Attractions. We’ve already purchase tickets and made a date to visit the
Scarefest Scream Park. I’m also scoping out weekends to visit Erebus, the world’s largest walk through haunted house.

As if that were not enough, October is also the month where we focus on protecting some of our most valuable possessions -- boobies.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

If you skip back to last 1 Oct. you can read a well thought out entry on why it is so important to do monthly self-examinations and get regular mammograms.

I encourage you to look for for organizations which are donating a portion of their procedes to research into this horrible disease. Most of my friends are women and the thought of cancer terrifies me.**

Until then, why not head over to the
Boobiethon page. Bloggers and other concerned individuals are doing their best to raise awareness...by posting pictures of their breasts.

Yes, mine are up there this year too.

Once again you have a chance to do something great, build up a little good karma, and this time you get to see boobies.***

*Or multiple nights depending on how many parties you plan on attending.

**Yes, the dreaded C has once again touched the lives of those I care about. All prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes are appreciated.

***We established earlier this year that many of the best things in life start with “Boo.” Big scares, books, boots, and of course, boobies.