Remote Convention Attendance

I attended my first convention of 2021 this past weekend…

…from my den.

I had a great time at CapriCon this weekend. I performed a reading on the first evening and participated in two horror related panels. I also spent most of the rest weekend attending panels remotely. It was a lot of fun and quite educational. I also appreciate that the CapriCon staff made the difficult decision to hold the convention virtually to protect the attendees during these difficult times.

Yes, it is a bummer not being able to attend conventions in person. However, I did learn that there are some real benefits to virtual conventions. As hinted at above, there is no physical interaction associated with it.
1 This means I have absolutely zero chance of coming down with Con Crud.3 Also, the social anxiety I usually have at cons was much lower.4

Then there are the little things: I didn’t have to worry about figuring out what I was going to wear.
5 I didn’t have to figure out where I was going to eat. I drank my own booze.6 I didn’t have to drive to the convention site each day, or conversely stay in the hotel. I didn’t have to figure out where I had to be next since there were no rooms to navigate.

There were also some other, unexpected benefits. One thing which happens quite often is that there are two (or more) panels which I am interested in happening at the same time. When attending in person, you just have to decide when the time comes. This weekend I was able to sample a bit of each panel before deciding which one to stay with.

One thing which I could do, but which is a lot less awkward when presenting a panel online is to look something up on the interwebz. This is really handy when you are trying to come up with the answer to a question or to remember the title of a book you wanted to recommend.

Yes, it is sad to not attend conventions in person, but in the mean time, I will make the best of it by showing up online.

Which reminds me, over the past two weeks, PenguiCon and StokerCon have both announced that their 2021 conventions will be online rather than in person.

1 This is also one of the downfalls. At this point, even I am missing the chance to interact with people in person.

2 And by “people,” I mean friends and conventioneers. I’m getting plenty of interaction with strangers through the day job.

3 Con Crud is the generic term for any illness which one gets during con. It can range from just being over-tired from long nights to the flu.

4 Not completely gone, mind you. I was on camera in front of who knows how many people.

5 Although it has been over a year since I worn a kilt.

6 To be fair, this is something I usually do.

7 This is something that would be really rude in person. “Pardon me, I’m just going to step next door for a moment. I may be back, maybe not.”