Not Nearly As Fun As My Usual Weekends Away

For those who only caught part of the material on social media, or those who heard nothing at all, I got to spend a couple of nights at the hospital this week.

Before I go any further let me just state that everything is OK and there was never any real danger.

Last week I noticed some localized soreness in my right thigh. Since I had just recently started getting serious about exercising again, I just assumed that I had managed to pull one of those muscles that I never recognize until I do something stupid. I started to get a little concerned when that same area started to feel warm. It was similar to something which had occurred before, but on the other side about four years ago.

Then on Saturday night, I happened to look down and noticed that my foot looked...well...kind of like a potato.

It was really swollen. I consulted with my local medical professional
3 and we made our way to the EC.4

The concern was that it was a blood clot, which is what it turned out to be.
5 I spent part of the night in the EC, then got moved to a private room. I won’t bore you with all of the minutiae, but I had a doppler -- kind of like the ultra sound you get to look at your unborn spawn.6 The end result was that after another day of observation and blood thinners, I was released on my own recognizance with a bag full of Enoxaprin Sodium. I will be giving myself a shot in the gut8 twice a day. I’ll go back for another doppler in a couple of weeks.

I do want to take a moment to thank all of the health care workers who took care of me. Dr. Cretu took a lot of time to put me at ease and make sure that I knew what was happening during each stage of the process. An RN named Samantha went out of her way to find out what was happening with the pharmacy so I could finally get discharged. She even pulled my IV even though she only had a few minutes left on her shift. All of the other nurses, nurse techs, lab techs, and dietary staff were exceptionally nice. Each of them came in multiple times to ask if I was
sure that there was nothing I needed.9

Thank you to you all for the excellent work you do every day.

1 For those who don’t want the details, you can stop here.

2 But nowhere near as painful.

3 Sometimes it’s good to be married to a Masters prepared nurse.

4 Emergency Center -- what everyone else in the world calls an ER.

5 But not the kind that travel up to your organs and make everything explode. Those are DVTs. I have a PVT which is similar, but in one of the smaller veins.

6 No, I did not gain the superhuman ability to predict the weather using my leg.

7 To be honest, my knees already tell me when it’s going to rain.

8 Tiny needle. Don’t even feel it.

9 I spent almost the entire stay reading
If It Bleeds by Stephen King.