Resolutions — or The Story Behind That Purple Pants Thing

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I do have one resolution which I reuse every year.  Each year I resolve not to wear purple polyester pants in public.  The thought behind that is that no matter what else I might screw up, do wrong, or not do when I should have, I can always look back on 31 December and say “At least I didn’t wear those stupid pants.”

That being said, I do set a number of goals each year.  This year one of the big ones, which I share with a lot of people, is to lose weight.  I am ridiculously overweight (by anyone’s standards), and it has lead to a number of health related complications.  Most of these will be reversed or at least lessened, were I to weigh less.  Ergo, I will be eating better and exercising more.

Towards that end, The Mrs purchased Fit Bits for us.  As you know, there is nothing which motivates me more than a challenge with the exception of a challenge which involves a number of statistics which I can track.  Having a little step counter is a sure way to fire me up.

It also helps that having a job outside of the house for the first time in a couple years means that I am actually getting up and moving.

I also set a writing goal each year.  Last year churned out 265,907 words.  This year I am actually setting my goal
lower — 200K words.  However, the huge caveat is that all of these words have to go directly towards publication of one form or another.  Yes, the words for the blogs still count, as will press releases, reviews and other material for other websites, and extensive notes for stories that I am working on.  I will not be counting warm up exercises, journalling, or social media posts (last year the exercises and journalling padded out the number a bit).

I’ll be resetting my Write Chain app as soon as I finish this post.  This year the goal will be 750 words per day with only one day before the chain breaks.

My other writer related challenge to myself is that I am imposing a monthly Submit Date.  I tend to get a little lazy in the Spring and not submit material as often as I should.  To avoid this, I will be marking the 15th of each month as the Submit Date.  If I haven’t submitted anything since the previous month, that will be the day I get off my butt and send something out.

In order to make sure I am not sending out crap, I have already ear-marked a number of anthologies which I would like to submit to.  The cut off dates are on my calendar and the White Board of Inspiration and Condemnation is all filled out.

My final goal is to read a book a week (averaged out).  Goodreads allows its users to set a reading goal.
2 Last year I finished 55 books (counting graphic novels and audiobooks), so I am not too worried about hitting 52.  A little addendum to this is that I want to spend a good portion of my time reading books by writers that I know.  I support them financially by buying the books.  I also want to support them by writing reviews so other people can find them.

By the way, all of the words in this post count, which means today’s word count (including this sentence and the next one) is 1326.  Not a bad start for the year.

1. No, I don’t have a pair of purple polyester pants.  This makes it even easier to not wear them in public.

2. To check out my Goodreads page, click