Big Happenings at Dragon's Roost Press

I am sorry that I have not had a chance to post anything recently. I’ve been a little swamped. That’s a good thing.

There have been a lot of interesting goings on associated with the Dragon’s Roost Press. The submissions for the anthology to benefit canine rescue have been pouring in from all corners. I posted a listing regarding the anthology on a number of sites, including two that I often use myself when looking for a place to submit something I’ve written.
1 In the week or so since the postings have been up, I have received a couple dozen submissions. The stories are pouring in from all over, including Argentina, Italy, England, Wales, and Sweden. I recently finished reading over the last batch. Most of them have been amazing. I have five which I would like to include in the anthology. I will announce titles a little later. I have contacted some of the authors, but there are some more e-mail which I need to send out in the morning.

It is very difficult for me to write rejections. I am doing my best to read every submission all the way through and reply to each submission with a personalized rejection, should it be warranted. Those of you who are not authors may not understand why this is important. Any rejection is difficult to get, but it is part of the deal when one decides to become a writer. It can be even harder when the rejection is just a standard response which leaves the author wondering why, what was it about this particular story that this particular editor didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasons why. Some editors deal with hundreds of unsolicited submissions a week (or a day). It just isn’t possible write something personal on each rejection. I don’t have that particular problem, so I am being personal.

I also spent a lot of time
building the brand. This is one of those things that is necessary, but which some find distasteful. In a world where everyone is connected via various social media platforms, it is important to get the message out as much as possible. This means blowing your own horn sometimes. Towards that end, Dragon’s Roost Press has a Facebook page as does the anthology itself. They are both a little sparse at the moment, but there will be some interesting things popping up over there. More on that in a second.

Those of you who don’t click straight over to the blog, or those keen eyed folks who look at the headers, will notice that I have added another blog page to the website entitled
DRP Updates. This will be dedicated to providing new information regarding current and upcoming projects, appearances which will feature DRP projects for sale, and the like. There will be some overlap between those posts and the stuff on Facebook (and perhaps even a little here), but that will be all Dragon’s Roost Press. The Facebook pages will occasionally have additional things like pictures and fun posts. If you are only interested in keeping up with DRP, that will be the place to go.

The main reason that those Facebook pages are sparse at the moment is because I have been putting together the crowdsourcing campaign to support the anthology. I chose
Indiegogo over others like Kickstarter because I liked some of the funding options a little better, especially not bet beholden to Amazon.

This is where the post turns into a monetary plea. Please follow this
link to the Dragon’s Roost Press campaign. What I am doing, in a nutshell, is attempting to raise money to cover the initial production and promotion costs, as well as raise funds to pay the authors who have been accepted into the anthology. Right now I am offering one cent per word, which is really not that great. I would love to pay them a professional rate of five cents per word as a way of thanking them for playing their part in supporting canine rescue. Also, a professional pay rate may attract some professional authors who might not have otherwise submitted. Big names could translate to big sales which means more money for the volunteers who care for the dogs.

The cool thing about setting up the
campaign was setting up the perks. Yes, that’s right! Not only do people who donate get the good feeling of having supported a project which will in turn support canine rescue, you get some cool stuff as well. It’s just like donating to PBS, but without the hours of pledge drive shows. You determine how much you would like to donate, then choose from the perks! There are some cool things there including copies of the anthology, mugs, tee shirts, and the chance to immortalize your own furry friends on the anthology Facebook page.2

Well gee Michael, that sounds super swell! How do I make my donation?

I’m glad you asked. Simply click this
link and follow the directions. You can even watch the video I put together explaining the project. There are some very cute pictures of Tesla and Titus in the video. Who am I kidding? It’s mostly picture of T & T.

Thank you in advance for bouncing over to help out. I really appreciate any donation you can afford. I know that the dogs will too.

Ralan and Duotrope. If you are a writer and you have not visited these sites you are missing out on two extraordinary resources.

2. See, I told you I would get back to that. For a $15 donation, you can send in a picture of your dog, cat, goat, what have you, and we will put it up on a special portion of the Facebook page.