Fez-O-Rama--A Cthulhu Review

Anyone who has spent any time with me at a convention knows that I love hats. I’ve always loved hats. Most of the early pictures of me1 feature a hat plopped prominently on my head. While I have never stopped and ranked my hats,2 some of my favorites have come from the fine folks over at Fez-O-Rama.

You might be asking yourself “Self, what kind of hats do they have at Fez-O-Rama?” To which yourself will reply “Probably fezzes
3, ya’ knob. It has it right in the name.”

Yourself would be right to deride you and probably should avoid talking to you for the rest of the day.

Ahem, sorry. Getting a little off track here.

Fez-O-Rama makes fezzes in a number of different sizes and styles. They are made of velvet, which means that they are long lasting, and feature interior quilting rather than cardboard to keep their shape. This means you can accidentally sit on you fez while espousing drunkenly about the location of R’lyeh and it will pop back into shape.

In addition to the different sizes, there are also choices of color, tassel color
4, and image design. There are a number of designs available which range from skulls to squids, tikis to the caffeine molecule. Most importantly for this review, they have three different Cthulhu designs (one of which is new for 2017). I have the standard Cthulhu on a tall fez and the winged one on a fez-o-chapeau. The latter is a shorter, pointed design which looks absolutely smashing.

My favorite design note which the company provides is the ability to add side vents to any design. These vents can blend into the fez or stand out as a bit of flair. Anyone who has ever spent time mopping their brow because the inside of her hat has started to create its own weather system will appreciate these vents which keep the wearer cool.

I highly recommend any of the products provided by Fez-O-Rama. They feature high production quality and excellent value for the price.

10 Insane Cultists out of 10.

Standard disclaimer: This review contains references to products which I have purchased personally. No materials have been provided for this review, nor am I receiving any kind of recompense from the company.

  1. Back when I was still cute and adorable.
  2. I love all my babies.
  3. Yes, I had to look up the plural of “fez.”
  4. Because what’s a fez without a tassel?