So, I Lied -- And Other Upcoming Events

I honestly thought that I was done with appearances for the year, but I was wrong. I have been invited1 to participate in A Winter Chill - a night of ghost stories which has been organized by the final people of the Flint Horror Collective. The group will be reviving the old tradition of telling ghost stories in the winter. There will also be a book exchange for those who wish to participate. For full information, click the link above.

I have started to send out applications for next year’s appearances. We already have a few locked down and a few more that we always do added to the
Stalk Me Here page. These include a few January appearances -- Confusion and the Vette City Con. I will be posting my Confusion schedule shortly.

The other big upcoming event is the release of
Monsters in Spaaaace!2 After numerous delays, which I am very sorry for, the book is almost ready for release. Look for more information in the Dragon’s Roost Press blog.

I hope you have had a wonderful couple of months and are looking forward to a peaceful and happy holiday season.

1 I talked my way into, lol.

2 Finally.