Saying Goodbye to So Many

It has been a very rough year, in terms of lives lost.1  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  However, these are people whose lives touched mine in some way.

Marcus Belgrave -- Jazz trumpeter and Motown artist.

Vincent Bugliosi -- LA District Attorney and author of
Helter Skelter.

Jackie Collins -- One of the powerhouse writers from when I worked in a bookstore.

Yvonne Criag -- Batgirl.  ‘nuff said.

Wes Craven -- Writer and director who helped reinvent horror numerous times.  Films include
The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream.

Samuel Goldwyn, jr -- Movie producer

BB King -- Legendary bluesman.

Ben E. King -- B&B/Soul singer best known for the song “Stand by Me.”

Robert Kinoshita -- Creator of Robbie the Robot of
Forbidden Planet and B9 Environmental Control (Robot) from Lost in Space.

Hiroshi Koizumi -- Actor who appeared in numerous Godzilla films.

Christopher Lee -- Dracula, Francisco Scaramanga, Saruman, Count Dooku...from vampire to Bond villain, wizard to Jedi, the only thing more badass than Lee’s roles were his real life.  Spy, actor, nonagenarian heavy metal rocker, Lee did it all.

Gilbert Lewis -- The King of Cartoons.

Patric Macnee -- John Steed of
The Avengers.

Anne Meara -- Comedian whose career dated back to Ed Sullivan.

Leonard Nimoy -- Of course, he was best known as Spock, but he excelled in many different roles including Dr. William Bell on

Gary Owens -- THE voice of
Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.

Betsey Palmer -- Jason Voorhee’s mother in the original
Friday the 13th.

Marshall Schlom -- Script doctor for Alfred Hitchcock.

Sam Simon -- Co-producer of
The Simpson (among others).

Rod Taylor -- Actor:
The Time Machine, The Birds.

Grace Lee Whitney -- Ann Arbor, MI native best known as Yeoman Janice Rand on
Star Trek.

1.  I didn’t get off my butt in time to post this in time for Dia de Los Muertos, but I at least I managed to get my stuff together in time for All  Souls.