Starting the New Year At Confusion

The final Confusion schedule has been posted. There are tons of amazing panels and events and a slew of great gifts (including some Dragon’s Roost Press alumni). Just in case you were interested in seeing yours truly, my schedule is posted below.

Mass Autographing Session
Saturday 3:00PM St. Clair

Reading: Michael Cieslak, Jen Haeger, Mary Gibbs
Saturday 4:00PM Saugatuck
Jen Haeger, Michael Cieslak, Mary Lynne Gibbs

Villains We Hate To Love
Sunday 1:00PM Manitou
Bad guys you despise are a dime a dozen, but then there are the villains you know are terrible people, but somehow you kind of admire them. You wish that maybe, perhaps, they'll be reformed—or at least not get killed. What makes a villain...likable? Who are some of our favorite antagonists we wish could be the heroes of a different story? Or who we want the satisfaction of their defeat, but hope it takes a long time to get there, so we can enjoy the ride with them just a wee bit longer? What qualities or traits about them make us feel this way? Michael Cieslak, Mackenzie Flohr, Jeanne Szarama.

With only three panels on my schedule this year, you can look for me in the audience of a lot of Literature panels and Readings. Hope to see you there!