RavenCon: Well Worth the Drive

I’m gearing up for the start of a busy con season,1 but I wanted to take a moment to rave about what a great time I had at RavenCon.

This was my first time at the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention with a Poe theme. I volunteered for a number of panels, added a couple others, and ended up doing 9 in total.
2/3 Most of the panels were later in the day, but they were still a lot of fun. Highlights included the Beyond the Final Girl, Letters from Hell, and Exploring the Dark panels. It’s always fun when your panels feature a good back and forth between panelists and the audience, and are humorous as well as informative.

The best portions of weekend were all of the great people I got to meet and shared panels with. I met some wonderful authors
4 and spend time with them. This has only made me look forward to my upcoming appearances that much more.5

1 Actually Con season starts earlier and earlier each year, but this year May is super busy.

2 Counting the reading.

3 This is not too bad for a three day convention.

4 And bought a lot of books.

5 Next up:
Kazoo Books, Penguicon, StokerCon, and the Motor City Comic Con6

6 For a full list of upcoming appearances, see the
Stalk Me Here page.