Horrible, horrible blank mind syndrome

There is a distinct problem with my recent dedication to daily writing. For a change it is not my simple laziness. The problem today is that due to a combination of physical fatigue (not sleeping well + a day of moving furniture) and mental emptiness (fighting a cold with the aid of brain emptying over the counter medications) has left me incapable of writing anything even remotely coherent. I spend a good chunk of the afternoon shifting between various projects. I was not looking for something to inspire me or even a good jumping in place. I was just flipping back and forth to see what I could do the least damage in.

All of this is a terrible shame since I had the whole house to myself today and it would have been a great afternoon to spend writing. Now it's ten minutes to nine and I can't even decide on a topic for a Napalmed post. Instead I am just going to string together a couple of observations and mini-rants and see if that gets the old creative juices flowing.

Steve Miller's "The Joker" is like a weird aptitude test.

Question 1
Would your friends or those closest to you describe you as:

  1. A Picker
  2. A Grinner
  3. A Lover
  4. A Sinner

Question 2
In what position do you see yourself in 10 years:

  1. A Joker
  2. A Smoker
  3. A Midnight Toker
  4. All of the above

I could be at least as good an astronaut as Elton John, if "Rocket Man" is any indication.

I have less trouble seeing Elton John as a Rocket Man than as someone who enjoys the sounds of a switchblade and motor bike who believes that Saturday nights are all right for fighting.

I am pleased to announce that Titus has been cone free for a few days now. Both of his eyes are now healing nicely. For those who need the background for that statement, he was diagnosed with bilateral entropian something or another. Essentially his inner eyelids were a little too big and it was causing his outer eyelids to roll in. This irritated his eyes and had the potential to cause damage as his lashes were constantly rubbing against his corneas. We took him to a veterinary vision specialist. Both eyes were operated on. A small piece of his inner eyelid was removed and the remaining bits were stitched back together. He had the stitches in for two weeks. They were removed on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning he managed to open up a portion of the suture line so he went back in and got his left eye worked on again. Essentially he had to wear an Elizabethan collar for a month.

He destroyed three collars completely. Tesla helped.

During his second recovery period, both dogs managed to get a hold of a bag of coffee. They got to spend a fun filled day at the vet where vomiting was induced and then they had their heart rates monitored to make sure they were ok. While there they worked on their sibling bonding by protecting each other. When the time came to leave the veterinary assistants had a hard time getting the leashes on them because they kept getting in the way of each other, making sure no one could be taken out.

Although the loss of income isn't a fun thing, it is a good thing that I was home for all of this craziness. It made it a lot easier to schedule follow up appointments and make sure that Titus got his medications (pain pills, oral antibiotics, and topical antibiotic cream applied directly to the eye) on time.

I have a really hard time with things having to do with eyes and their care. I can not wear contact lenses. I have tried. I have theatrical lenses that I would love to wear, but I can't put them in my eyes. I have head friends try to help me with this (by holding my head and my eye open while someone else tried to put in the lens) but it didn't work. Seriously, I can't even put in eyedrops. I have to close my eye and squirt the stuff on my lid then open my eye really fast and hope some falls in.

Let's call it squeamish x 10.

This made the whole caring for an eye injury thing less than pleasant for me.

I have been to the vet or the specialist close to 2 dozen times since October. I am trying to put off my own annual physical until March.

Part of this is because I don't want to get yelled at.

I have been having a really hard time dealing with things that are even remotely serious. Sometimes even the simplest of plots (specifically other people's plots) are really hard for me to concern myself with. My reading over the last few weeks has decreased considerably. I have not even been in the mood to watch movies or scripted television.

I have been making up for this by watching stupid television programs were stupid people do stupid things and end up injured. Part of me feels bad about this but, eh. What the Hell.
I have also been watching a lot of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on my iPad. I found that most of the episodes are free if you have Amazon Prime (which apparently I do). This is the perfect thing to watch while dozing off. The plots of the movies are, for the most part, inconsequential. The humor is perfect for someone who does not want to deal with anything strenuous right before falling asleep.

Despite this, I have been enjoying listening to the audio version of
Game of Thrones and reading Warren Elis' Gun Machine.

Say what you want about 7-up and ginger ale. I think Faygo Rock n Rye might be the perfect mixer. Rock n Rye and raspberry flavored rum is just yummy.

I have to try it with vodka now.