The Best Customer Service

I’m sharing this everywhere.

Backstory: I ordered a onesie as part of a Halloween costume. I received this e-mail today.
This is how customer service is done.

Hello Michael Cieslak,

So as not to disturb any napping Forever Lazy employees, your order has been quietly taken from our Forever Lazy shelves and has been prepared for shipment. If your order has embroidery, it will be transported to our embroiderer and will ship in 5 business days - at which point tracking below will become active. Otherwise your package will leave our lazy headquarters and start its journey to its new (and hopefully lazy) home today.
It is a prerequisite for all of our employees to be lazy, so to ensure your order was packaged in a proper and timely fashion we had 50 people standing around to make sure our 1 packaging specialist was on top of everything. It is company policy to celebrate every successfully packaged order by lighting a nap inducing candle to signal another nap time before anymore work is to be done. All of our napping employees dreamed of your gold-lined package making the glorious journey aboard a Forever Lazy private jet by way of Milwaukee WI, to you. Then, upon awaking from their naps, our Forever Lazy workforce came together and shared visions they had of your reaction when you first slid into our fuzzy fleece pajamas. Only one employee foresaw you having a problem with your order, so we fired him immediately!
If by some chance there are any problems with your order, send us an email at or call us at 855-529-9846 and we will all stand around and watch as somebody makes it right! In the meantime, know that you will always be remembered as "customer of the year" and we are lazily awaiting your feedback!