New Tinglers For Your Self-Isolation Reading Pleasure

Chuck Tingle is well known for his Tinglers — short pieces of erotica with a decidedly bizarre bent.1 He has released three2 new ones to help get readers through these times of isolation. The stories also illustrate best practices one should be doing. This post includes reviews of the first two to be released.

Not Pounded by Anything While I Practice Responsible Social Distancing is exactly the manual for our current times that we need. Chuck Tingle provides perfect examples of how to practice social distancing in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic. Tingle not only illustrates how to avoid the possible spreading of the disease, but how difficult it is. Entertaining and educational, this should be required reading for the current times.

The second of the free Tinglers is
The Physical Manifestation of Washing My Hands Gets Me Off. While this one does provide a little information about hand washing, it is not as educational as Not Pounded by Anything While I Practice Responsible Social Distancing. This one has a bit more of the trademark Tingler mind bending erotica, but it didn't hum like other Tinglers I've read.

1 Unicorns, dinosaurs, philosophical theories — all of these can be the sexual partners of the protagonists in a Chuck Tingle story.

2 At the time of this publication.